jueves, 12 de julio de 2007

Howdy | Hola

Now was that one long month in between updates, huh?

I'm deeply sorry I was MIA. After Gerardo's birthday party on the 23rd, I kinda just hanged around with him and then we went on an improvised trip. No warnings, nothing, just right there, we decided to go visit friends around Mexico. So we did. Ixtapa, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca and Cordoba.

I'd write details but it'll be a long post of nothingness, since I'd just write about hanging out, the sea in Ixtapa was yummy though. I'll just jump to the good parts. We made love every night, and it was awesome.

In other news, Gerardo and I are moving in together in August. Since his apartment is nice and all we thought we could stay there but truth is that it's a bit small... we chose to look around and we decided on this very cute loft we found. So, I'll be moving there soon.

Take care everyone,


Perdón por estar desaparecido. Después de la peda del cumple de Gera el 23, simplemente me la pasaba con el y nos fuimos en un viaje improvisado. Sin advertencia, nada, simplemente ahí, decidimos ir a visitar amigos alrededor de México. Así que fuimos a Ixtapa, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca y Córdoba.

Escribiría detalles pero sería una pared de nada, ya que solo escribiría sobre salir, aunque el mar en Ixtapa estaba delicioso. Me saltaré a las partes jugosas. Hicimos el amor todas las noches, fue increíble.

En otras noticias, Gerardo y yo nos vamos a vivir juntos en agosto. Como su depa está lindo y todo pero algo chiquito... fuimos a ver otros lugares y decidimos por un loft bien lindo que encontramos, así que me mudaré ahí pronto.

Se cuidan mucho,


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miércoles, 13 de junio de 2007

I Lied | Mentí

I know I said I'd try to update more often, but I haven't been able to. Honest. So, I can't promise or swear to you that I will post more often, but, I can tell you that I'll be done with work sooner than later, so that should give me time to update this on a daily basis, mwahahaha. OK OK, hope people are still coming and haven't forgotten about meh!


Ya se que dije que iba a actualizar más seguido, pero no he podido. Honestamente. Así que, aunque no puedo prometer o jurar que voy a postear más seguido, les puedo decir que ya casi acabo con el trabajo, así que eso me debiera de dar más tiempo para actualizar seguido, bwajajajajaja. OK OK, espero que no se hayan olvidado de mí.


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viernes, 8 de junio de 2007

Long Post... sort of | Post Largo... más o menos

OK, as promised, a long post and an informative one at that. I'm sorry for the lack of continuous updates but I've been busy with work and staying up to watch Tennis games, and now that Gerardo is back, well I got busier.

Things are fine, Tuesday I did not do much, neither Wednesday, that is of course, until Gerardo called me out of the blue to tell me he was about to get on a plane back to Mexico City. I said OK and when I hung up I realized the flight between his city and here is only 1 hour long, so I had to rush out to try and get to the airport in time. Now, if you live in Mexico City, you know that accomplishing this task at anytime is rather impossible. And as such, I did not make it in time. He had been waiting for a little while, but the huge smile he had on his face as he saw me rushing looking for him just said that he did not care I was late. (Click read more)

I jumped him, well not really, but I did give him a looong, very hot might I add, welcome back kiss. And then we started walking holding hands. The looks on people's faces were priceless. It's this mix between panic and disgust, and others have a face that looks like they are debating on how to react with their own conscience.

That night, we had "some catching up" to do. So we went back to his apartment which I kept clean while he was away. And so we did and kissed and laughed and held each other and talked all night. And at.. was it 5 A.M.? I turned on the TV to watch the tennis match while he slept.

Women's finals is tomorrow, Sharapova got destroyed on the court, as she seems to be doing a lot more lately. It was painful to watch. I just couldn't stop watching though. She was my favorite for the girls, and for the guys, Novak Djokovic lost too. Oh well.

I'm not surprised about the final matches, Ivanovic played wonderfully and she deserves the opportunity to win, though my guess is Henin, who won against Jankovic that completely collapsed under the pressure, will crown herself for the 4th time.

Nadal and Federer, well, we all know how that story goes. Federer just doesn't seem to be able to perform as well on clay (is that what it's called in English? I always watch the matches in English but the term eludes me), and my guess is Nadal will take Roland Garros once again. Though to be quite honest, I wish that Federer wins this time.

If Ana Ivanovic takes the match tomorrow, I will have found a new favorite. As for Novak, I'll keep rooting for him forevaarrrr.

Yesterday, Gerardo and I went to watch the movie called Water, which is a fairly strong critique about how hindu widows are treated. I recommend watching it for both it's cinematography and incredibly depressing story. It clocks in at nearly 2 hours if I recall correctly, but it flows pretty fast.

After that we went to eat at this really nice restaurant down in the city's Zona Rosa (one of the glamorous zones here) and spent there a pretty good part of the afternoon. He told me about his stay over there and how the heat was unbearable but that it wasn't that much better here either. And it's true, we've been having crazy temperatures and it's not even summer. Even right now I have the fan blowing hard on my back because I'd sweat otherwise.

At night we went to a party on the subject of a company's first anniversary. It was so-so and we didn't stay till very late, so we got on the car and drove around looking for something to do. We didn't find anything. So we went to eat something and then went back to his place. We crawled into bed and cuddled and fell asleep eventually.

Today we went shopping for stuff, and have spent the rest of the day indoors. Now I have to leave because as much as I love being fashionably late, I hate being ridiculously late.

Will translate tomorrow.


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Rapture | Extasis Completo

Hey everyone! I've been lazy, haven't kept the blog updated. I'm sorry, really am. But I'm alive, I swear this time for sure, long post tonight before I go out. Gerardo is here at the moment, so I'm not able to write long. Just wanted to let everyone who keeps visiting the blog that it's not dead. It's just sleepy. :P


Hola todos! He sido muy flojo, no he mantenido el blug actualizado. Lo siento, de verdad. Pero estoy vivo, y juro que ahora sí voy a hacer un post largo antes de salir hoy en la noche. Gerardo está aquí ahorita, así que no puedo escribir mucho. Sólo quería decirles a todos los que siguen visitando que mi blog no está muerto, solo tiene sueño. :P


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lunes, 4 de junio de 2007

In A Good Mood | De Buen Humor

I'm in an excellent mood today. Life has been treating me good lately, and Gerardo will arrive this week, though I'm still not sure which day. I didn't ask because I had already been bugging him lots about it. I didn't want to seem selfish, what with trying to steal him away from his familiy again. Haha.

Anyway, lately I've been listening to a lot of Pink Martini (Blog reader recommended it). It's a recent discovery that left me pretty pleased. So check it out on the music box thing.


Estoy de excelente humor hoy. La vida me está tratando bien ultimámente, y Gerardo llega esta semana, aunque no se bien que día. No pregunté porque ya lo había estado jodiendo mucho. No quería parecer egoísta, no dejando a su familia convivir con él. Jaja.

En fín, he estado escuchando mucho Pink Martini (un lector me lo recomendó). Es un descubrimiento reciente que me dejó muy satisfecho. Así que chéquenlo en el cuadro de música.


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viernes, 1 de junio de 2007

I'm so sleepy

Hey, Everyone! Sorry I've been absent. I had this fantastic idea... I get to stay up every night to watch the Tennis matches and then go to work, instead of sleeping during the night. In turn, I sleep every afternoon unless I go out. So, I haven't been able to write because when I get on the com, it's not too long before I start falling asleep. But I promise I'll make sub sort of nice post this weekend. Haha. Anywaaaaaay, I'll see ya around, going out now.


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martes, 29 de mayo de 2007

Disappointed In My Country | Decepcionado De Mi País

The Miss Universe Pageant was held in Mexico City this year, for those that didn't know. Miss Japan won.

Now, I didn't care to watch it, but I heard that people laughed at and booed Miss USA. I then watched the videos on youtube, and proceeded to read the hoard of comments made during my free time at work today.

Well, I'm greatly disappointed in Mexico. I'm disappointed because it always seems that people demand respect, demand to be acknowledged as intelligent and civilized people. Yet attitudes like these substract from that notion and only make hateful comments like the ones saying that Mexicans are a bunch of disrespectful people become true.

Apparently, I'm one of the few that take this disgraceful event seriously, as most people are simply laughing along. Like if it mattered not. It's quite disheartening that not everyone cares for their own country, but to each their own I suppose.

I remember a post I made a while ago, about hate towards Mexico. The same type of comments that showed their faces that time, have shown their faces this time too. And it's no one's fault but ours.

Maybe, but just maybe, one day Mexico will rise to represent a "good" country, and it won't just be regarded as "that country where all the immigrants come from".


El concurso de Miss Universo tuvo su sede en la Ciudad de México este año, en caso de que no supieran. Miss Japón ganó.

No lo ví, pero me dijeron que la gente se rió, y abucheó a Miss EUA. Ví los videos en youtube, y leí la horda de comentarios en mi tiempo libre hoy.

Estoy muy decepcionado de México. Estoy decepcionado porque siempre parece que la gente exige respeto, y quiere ser reconocida como inteligente y civilizada. Pero actitudes así son lo que evita esa manera de pensar, y solo provoca que comentarios como ese que dice que los Mexicanos son un montón de irrespetuosos, se confirmen.

Parece ser que soy uno de los pocos preocupados por esta situación, ya que la mayoría simplemente se ríe con ello. Como si importara poco. Es desgastante ver como no a todos ls importa el país en igual medida.

Recuerdo un post que hice hace un tiempo ya, sobre el odio hacia los Mexicanos. El mismo tipo de comentarios de esa vez se hicieron esta vez también. Y no es culpa de nadie mas que nuestra.

Tal vez algún día México será visto como un país "bueno" y no sólo como el país de donde viene todos los imigrantes.


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